Non-Profits and Small Projects

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Non-Profit organizations typically account for the smaller projects in our office. This type of client has a special place of high regard for us as they are often working with desperately limited funding and still manage to make progress thanks to the gift of active volunteers and donors. They represent the grassroot efforts to save our cultural heritage, as they are usually fighting to save important, but often overlooked, historic resources.

For us, many of the smaller projects are also about providing peripheral support services for these historic structures and sites. These efforts include condition assessments with recommendations about how to proceed with future work, cost estimating to aid budgeting and grant applications, and nominations for historic designations such as the National Register.

The unique nature of these projects often requires collaboration with specialized professionals such as museum consultants, period interior designers, and archival collections experts. As a team, we are actively engaged in community outreach to help promote preservation efforts at the local level.

Bolivar Point Lighthouse Photography by Jim Evans. Project Images by Hutson Gallagher, LLC.
Historic Images courtesy of Preservation Austin and Cox Springs School Restoration Society